Lingonröda Tuvor





Necklace "Lingonröda Tuvor"

clay, copper, silver, brass, leather, paint

Lenght 55 cm

Necklace "Lingonröda Tuvor"

Necklace "Ekenäs"

brass, copper, clay, silver, leather, paint

Lenght 88 cm

Necklace "Agnagöl"

brass, copper, leather

Lenght 88 cm

Necklace "Björkeberg"

brass, copper, silver, clay, leather, paint

Lenght 92 cm

Lingonröda Tuvor


Where I grew up, there was a path over a stone wall that led to the forest. A forest of pine, birch, streams and soil

covered with lingonberry rice. A place where I often sought to dream me away, a place where I found peace, a place

that smelled of moss and bark.

"Lingonröda Tuvor" is a memory, a fragment of the enchanted forest of Småland.


With a lingonberry twig in my mind I sculptured in clay and sawed in metal. A thousand lingonberry was baked, drilled and painted. Five hundred blade sawed out of copper and brass. A total dedication and a constant search for nature´s sense of the materials. Surfaces were burned, varnished, blasted and soldered. Slowely I began to build up my forest.

"Lingonröda Tuvor" is a collection of necklaces in four variants.


Year 2014

Model: Karin Fingal


Necklace "Lingonröda Tuvor" in the photography "Natalia´s Letters"by Cooper & Gorfer, 2015.